Locator Sponsorship


Ability to work throughout Texas

Being a Broker in Texas and sponsored, you're allow you to work throughout the entire State of Texas. If there is an area where a subscription is needed, let our admin team take care of that for you.

Broker availability

I have a traditional brokerage and can advise my new locators and seasoned agents in reaching their career goals.

Broker pays all vendor dues

The times where property management companies outsource their process, we take care of the vendor dues so that you can continue pushing forward without anything in the way.

Broker does invoicing and helps with collections.

We have a transaction coordinator in my office and full time bookkeeper. We want you to focus on what you do best, be the BEST Locator you can be!

Professional email ending "@locatoragents.com"

We'll help you configure any mail client you need to get you up and running.

CRM, Landing Page with Lead Capture Form

I've been in the business for 10+ years now, and have a small development team we work with. You'll get a landing page provided by Lead Layouts that has our preferred CRM, Email Marketing and Funnel system.
This is a - Live Example

Each agent is provided with a "name.locatoragents.com". We could use your own domain if you wish, all you do is purchase it and coordinate with our team at [email protected].

When a lead fills out a form, we can integrate most services and project management platforms. For our agents just starting, I've created a free workflow that we implement for our agents.

Locator Information